Sunday, July 29, 2012

Donations for the Animals

While they are here, interns are able to learn how to care for all of the animals who live at IEAS.  They not only learn how to care about their physical and emotional needs, but also what it takes to care for them financially!  Interns take part in all aspects of fundraising for the Sanctuary.  They are able to guide our conservation education tours, from which all of the proceeds go directly to the animals.  They also take part in our Grants and Proposal Writing class in order to learn how to approach foundations and companies for donations.  In just this past week, we have received several donations thanks to intern’s written requests.  As they have in many years past, Root-Lowell Manufacturing Co. in Lowell, MI donated six Flo-Master Bleach Sprayers to the Sanctuary.  These sprayers are essential for keeping the habitats, houses and waters sanitary and clean.  Additionally, Flexovit Abrasives in Angola, NY donated grinding wheels which are necessary for many of the construction projects that take place here at IEAS.  We are currently rebuilding several old houses that have succumb to both time and extreme weather conditions.  These grinding wheels will be a tremendous help in completing these new and improved houses for the animals. 

Another part of our fundraising that the interns are able to participate in is to go out and solicit help from local companies.  Recently, our summer interns all headed out to several stores in surrounding areas to see if there might be any way for them to help the animals.  Thanks to caring individuals that wanted to help, they did not come back empty handed!  Home Depot in Euless, TX donated three $25 gift cards so that we can purchase items to help the animals.  AGvantage in Decatur, TX donated a 75ft hose and insulators for our electric fencing that is used in the bear habitats. 
The interns are so excited that their hard work has paid off and has been able to help all of the animals who call IEAS home.  They have even started writing more letters in hopes of receiving more items for the Sanctuary.  We are so grateful to all of the caring individuals who believe in our cause and strive to aid us in our mission to provide these magnificent animals with the best possible life that we can.  Thank you so much!

Check out all of the generous individuals and businesses that have supported IEAS!

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