Monday, July 23, 2012

In Honor of a Very Special Supporter and Friend of the Animals

It is my honor to announce that Bear Orphanage will be called Dorfman Bear Orphanage! Mr. Louis Dorfman, a long time friend, supporter and contributor has devoted himself to the welfare of the sanctuary and all the animals for the last 16 years. Not only has he supported the sanctuary, but he has given his time as the Animal Behaviorist to help provide all the animals the best quality of life possible here at the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary and also serves as Chairman of the Board Directors. Without Mr. Dorfman’s generosity and support the Dorfman Bear Orphanage would have only been a dream. Now it is a natural habitat on 10 acres and home to 11 orphaned bears that have a wonderful life thanks to a man that all animals call Friend!

“Many men have been capable of doing a wise thing, more a cunning thing, but very few a generous thing.” Alexander Pope

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