Thursday, April 19, 2012

Meet Roy: The Fix-it Man at IEAS!

Often, when Roy Marley arrives at work, the first thing he hears is "Roy! Can you come help us?" or "Roy, can you fix this for me?" As IEAS' Maintenance Supervisor, Roy is the go-to guy for any of our repair and maintenance needs. He plays an integral role in ensuring the safety and sturdiness of IEAS habitats. Plus, he can build just about anything we could ever need! He dabbles his hands in a bit of everything, from carpentry to plumbing to electric work to welding, and we don't know what we'd do without him!

Roy began working at IEAS in January of 2005. With his expertise in plumbing, he was able to help with many important jobs such as building the Meadows Dormitory for interns and installing pumps for animal pools. Since then, Roy has spent countless hours at the Sanctuary, working with Richard and expanding his skill set.

Not a day goes by the he doesn't hear, "Roy, can you come over here?" Whether it's a flat tire, a stubborn weed-eater, a leaky pipe, or a broken pump, we know Roy can fix it! There aren't very many people who have the patience and demeanor to help and help and help again, but Roy is definitely one of those people! He even has the enough patience to help teach interns and keepers to fix the problem for next time!

We are so grateful to have Roy at IEAS
and thankful to him for all of
his hard work and dedication!

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