Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day!

Domino: Male Jaguar at IEAS
Earth Day is here! Even though it is only officially one day a year, remember that it is important to protect and take care of our Earth all year round! Here at IEAS, we do everything in our power to conserve each and every facet of our world. From protecting and caring for those animals that we all know and love, to recycling, to conserving as much energy as possible, we strive to do our part! How do YOU help?!

Mia: Female Amur Leopard at IEAS
Amur Leopards are the most endangered
species of big cat on the planet.

Always remember that every little bit counts. Picking up a bit of trash you find in the road, turning those lights off when you leave the room, or drinking from a reusable water bottle are all easy ways to make an impact. Wouldn't you rather go outside and see a beautiful, clean world than a mess? We are all a part of making that happen! 

Noel: Male Siberian Tiger at IEAS
Siberian Tigers are one of the most endangered species of big cat
on the planet.
Finally, and perhaps most importantly, don't forget that this is not only OUR Earth. Countless species rely on the delicate ecosystems and surroundings that this world naturally provides them. So, if you won't preserve it for you, preserve it for them! The amazing animals that call IEAS home and their wild cousins need YOUR help to ensure their futures. Don't do more damage than good! Keep our Earth natural and beautiful! 

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