Sunday, April 29, 2012

Meet Mork and Mindy!

Yup, that's right! IEAS is expanding it's horizons and is now home to more than just big cats and bears. On Friday, the Sanctuary became home to two coatimundis named Mork and Mindy! These two little residents came from a caring couple who, after having the coatis for nine months, realized that they needed and deserved a better life. 

Mork and Mindy have been settling in amazingly well! Mindy is particularly curious and affectionate, and she is very interested in every new smell that the Sanctuary has to offer! Mork is definitely exploring his new surroundings but is taking a bit longer to warm up to his new caretakers. So far, their fire hose hammock has proven to be a favorite spot and their new toys have been endlessly entertaining!

Keep an eye out for a video of the coatis first few minutes in their new home! We will be posting updates on these two so be sure to like our Facebook page!

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