Friday, March 2, 2012

WELCOME New Interns!

Meet Anni, Katie, and Rebecca!

Today, these three ladies joined Whitney, Betsy, and Amber as Animal Care Interns at the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary. They had their first day of work and got to meet the residents of the Sanctuary for the first time. It is always an amazing, slightly overwhelming, but extremely rewarding experience to see these furry faces for the first time. There is no better morning greeting than a chuff or moan from a friendly feline.

Before these, and all IEAS interns, start their work, they are welcomed to the Sanctuary with lots of information! In fact, they get a whole binder full of vital info for a successful and fulfilling internship. This binder contains a ton information about the IEAS residents, the species' natural histories, policies and procedures at the Sanctuary, safety rules and protocols, nutritional information, and SO MUCH MORE! This information is not solely applicable to the interns' time at IEAS, but much of it can be carried on to future jobs and experiences. With this knowledge and the hands-on experience they gain during their three to six months at IEAS, interns have a world of opportunities ahead of them!

Good luck to the three newest interns of IEAS!
We're happy to have you!

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