Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Big Steps for Scoundrel!

In the past few weeks, Scoundrel has made some HUGE strides in his feelings of security and comfort around his human caregivers. Shortly after his arrival, Scoundrel transitioned into a bear who was definitely not opposed to company from his human friends. However, he was always one to be sure that a certain distance was maintained, though he was very curious and interested in coming closer.

Now that he is in Bear Orphanage, it seems that Scoundrel has really come into his own and has a new found confidence. He now finds comfort in the trust that has grown between him and his caretakers, and he uses that trust to find security in their presence. This has become particularly evident in Scoundrel's efforts and willingness to spend time with and around his friends. Several times in the past few weeks, Scoundrel has heard or seen us and reacted by coming down from his tree or approaching the area.

In fact, just a few days ago, Scoundrel showed his trust and comfort by approaching, within five feet, IEAS Animal Behaviorist Louis Dorfman when he came to visit. This is the closest that Scoundrel has even been to Louis and directly shows the benefits of the hours that Louis has patiently spent with Scoundrel as part of the IEAS Emotional Enrichment Program. As Scoundrel approached, he sniffed and watched Louis curiously and very comfortably. This is such an amazing step for Scoundrel as it shows that, though he is now living with bears, he finds trust and security in his human friends!

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