Thursday, March 8, 2012

One Year Anniversary Of...

We just can't believe that it has been exactly ONE YEAR since Prince, Princess, Duke, and Duchess arrived at IEAS!

These four incredible cats spent their lives (prior t0 coming to the Sanctuary) at a Coryell Country property in Texas. All of the animals on the property were found living in terrible conditions. Both inside the home and outside on the property, conditions were deemed unsafe for both humans and animals. As such, over 300 animals, including these four exotic cats were legally put into the custody of the Houston SPCA. With their help, along with the help of the Houston Zoo, Duke, Duchess, Prince, and Princess, came to live at IEAS, where they have spacious habitats, lots of toys and enrichment items, perches, pools, long grass, and warm houses to relax in.

These four have settled in amazingly well in the past year. It didn't take long for them to become part of our family and we are so happy that we were able to make such a difference in their lives. We can't wait to continue to watch them grow and hope you will come out to see them too!

Another HUGE thanks to the HOUSTON SPCA
and HOUSTON ZOO for all of their help!

Below is the video of their arrival at IEAS. Check it out!