Friday, February 24, 2012

Meet Richard!

No, Richard isn't a new animal resident. Richard is the IEAS Director!

Richard Gilbreth has served as Executive Director of the Sanctuary since January 3, 1997. When he first arrived at the Sanctuary, he had a vision of what he wanted to accomplish. He started out improving all of the habitats, making them safer for both the staff and the animals. He increased each residents quality of life in just a few months by giving them a better diet, and offering environmental enrichment.

Richard's top goal was to become part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). After hard work and determination, he reached that goal in 2001 when IEAS became the first and only Sanctuary to be certified by the AZA! After reaching that goal, Richard kept moving to try and achieve yet another goal, starting an Intern Program. The first group of interns arrived at IEAS in 2002. Since it's beginning, the Intern Program has become one of the leading programs in the animal world.

Richard continues to make IEAS the best haven for all exotic animals, and he doesn't stop there. Daily, Richard strives to teach staff, interns and volunteers what it takes to run a facility as great as IEAS. He has been an irreplaceable asset to the Sanctuary and the animal residents. He truly turned this Sanctuary around, making it an example for other sanctuaries to follow and we couldn't be more grateful to have his guidance!

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