Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What We Are Thankful For

We are thankful to have the ability
to provide a true sanctuary for animals
that need a safe, caring home.
We are thankful that every day,
with your help, we gain more and
more support worldwide.
We are thankful that we have the chance
to teach people about the worth and
importance of the amazing beings living at the Sanctuary
and the protection of their wild cousins.
We are thankful for the dedicated volunteers
who visit the Sanctuary to sacrifice their
time and hard work to making the lives
of the resident animals even better.
We are thankful to have so many amazing
supporters that make everything we do possible
with unwavering support and generous donations.
We are thankful to have the opportunity to
know and love the amazing animals that call IEAS home.
They change our lives as much as we hope to change theirs.
Happy Thanksgiving

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