Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Scoundrel is Making Big Strides!

The newest black bear resident at the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary, Scoundrel, has been making big strides in his comfort levels. Over the past few days, Scoundrel has been out of his house exploring his habitat more than ever. He climbs his big branches, relaxes on his perches, and even has a new favorite food - grapes! He will fit in very well with all of the other IEAS bears, who seem to tell us that grapes are a favorite amongst most all bears!

It addition to feeling more comfortable with his surroundings, Scoundrel is feeling much more confident around his caretakers. Now, when this little bear gets fed, he almost immediately approaches the bowl
s. He has even allowed several of the staff to sit just a few feet away while he rummaged through the bowl for grapes, then fig newtons!

We are very happy to see this little bear settling in. Every day we see less nervousness and more personality! He is proving to be a very adventurous and active bear and we can't wait until he meets his friends and roommates in Bear Orphanage! Scooter, Greta, and Scamp will be more than happy to have another playmate!

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