Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Black Friday Deals at IEAS!

Looking for a Black Friday without all the crowds and chaos? Visit IEAS or www.bigcat.org to get some WILD presents for the ones you love! By purchasing a gift from IEAS, you will help ensure that the animals who get a second chance at life at the Sanctuary, have a wonderful Christmas too! On Black Friday ONLY we will be having a few special deals on some of our best gift ideas…

If you would like to adopt a feline or bear for yourself or a loved one for 6 months, you’ll only pay for 5! You get the 6th month free! For more about animal adoptions, visit http://www.bigcat.org/Adopt-An-Animal

Also, our Friend of a Feline and Buddy of a Bear packets have been a big hit so far! These packets give you or your gift recipient the chance to have a one on one visit with one of the Sanctuary residents (from outside the fence, of course). With the purchase of one of these packets, in addition to the 8 x 10 photo, animal story, certificate, and free visit pass, you will receive one free pass to tour the entire Sanctuary!

And REMEMBER, these deals are on Black Friday ONLY!

Hope you can all be a part of it!

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