Monday, September 7, 2015

Why Do Sanctuaries Exist?

So what happens to these animals that are in the news, plus the many others that don't make the headlines but are abandoned by irresponsible individuals or organizations that obtain an exotic animal for egotistical or financial reasons without concern for its future care? Well, THAT IS WHY WE EXIST.

Big John, one of our current residents, was brought to us after the Fish and Wildlife services confiscated him and other animals from a Spanish circus. These animals were being kept in deplorable conditions. The tigers, including Big John, were hot, hungry, and thirsty. When he was brought to us, we had no place to put him or the other tigers. While they were being kept temporarily near Brownsville, TX, IEAS worked non-stop to get a habitat ready for these tigers. Thankfully, with the help of the local community and other organizations, enough money was raised to build a habitat for all of the new residents. Big John went from being in a cramped trailer into a 15,000 square foot habitat.

Big John enjoying his pool.
These animals are shuffled off to us, some other sanctuary or suffer a much more dire fate if such facilities aren't available.

Nakita, another resident we have, was abandoned just outside the sanctuary gates during a midnight winter storm. Keepers discovered her the next morning around 6:00am shivering, wet, and scared. She was brought immediately to the veterinary clinic where it took staff almost an hour to open up the crate she was put in. There was no where at the time for her to go so she stayed at the veterinary clinic. During her first month there, the staff worked non-stop to turn our last available habitat into a suitable place that would meet all of her needs so she could live a happy, healthy life.

Nakita exploring her habitat.

One of the saddest things we have to do is turn down many animals that need homes on an almost weekly basis because we don't have the funding to care for more animals and build new habitats without endangering the future well-being of our existing inhabitants to whom we owe the most. Unfortunately, unless there is media attention and great sympathy, most people aren't willing to donate the necessary funds to insure the endowment of the animal.

There are many was to help our Sanctuary:
  • Come join us for a guided tour. Each adult donation feeds 4 cats for one day.
  • We are constantly in need of things around the sanctuary that are on our Wish List.
  • Adopt one of our animals, such as Nakita or Big John. You can even come to the Sanctuary to visit your adopted feline. =^-^=
  • You can also help us by giving your time through volunteering.
Those are only a few ways to help the animals here at the International Exotic Sanctuary. To see more please visit our How To Help page.

If you are interested in hearing what were are all about and learning about all of our residents, come join us during our tours. They are everyday at 11:00am and there is a second tour on Saturdays at 3:00pm.

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