Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Photos for Profit

Have you ever heard of someone paying to get their picture taken with an exotic animal cub? Usually its with a baby bear, lion, tiger, etc.; you can be holding the cub while bottle feeding it or simply petting it. Most people think it sounds like an incredible opportunity they want to experience, but they don't know how dangerous it actually is for the animals involved.

First, the cubs are ripped from their mothers too early in life and forced into an unnatural life of captivity. When the cubs aren't being used for pictures, they are kept in cages and withheld food making them hungry. When they are brought out for a picture they are starving and only focused on the bottle so they wont hurt the human holding them. And lastly, when the cubs are too old or do not turn a profit anymore they are either abandoned or euthanized.

We have received numerous animals from photos for profit organizations. Some of the current residents include: Odin and Saber.

Odin, our male lion, and Saber, one of our white Bengal tigers, came to IEAS together in 2013. They were only a few months old at the time when they were rescued from a profitable photo opportunity.


Thousands of exotic animals are exploited every year through the horrible businesses that are photos for profit. We need to help spread the word so people no longer feel the desire to visit them. Sure that moment of interacting with an exotic animal may be exciting but just remember that animal has been suffering its entire life so one person can feel happiness. Please help us spread the word about photos for profit organizations so we can end them! Thank you!

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