Friday, June 19, 2015

Looking Forward to Summer!

With summer just around the corner, we have many things to look forward to here at the Sanctuary! Elizabeth, Karli, and Michelle
stayed on as interns from the spring session for an additional three
 months; joining them are the two new interns for the summer
session, Kristin and Rebecca. The new interns arrived last Sunday
 and will be spending three months here at IEAS.

As the days get hotter, we have to ensure our residents are able to
stay cool. The cats always have their pools available, and we have
 begun filling the bear tubs as well. They love soaking and swimming
 in the water to cool off.

Princess Playing in her Pool

Summer also brings new and exciting enrichment for our animals! We will be giving the animals bloodsicles, which are made from blood leftover from preparing the animals diet, and fruitsicles, which is fruit frozen in ice blocks. These summer treats provide something fun for the animals while helping them combat the heat.

Summer also means repairs and maintenance! After the winter and the recent storms, many pools and water troughs need to be fixed to ensure their pools remain cool and filled to the brim so our animals stay cool while the temperature continues to rise.

With the pools filled up and ready to be swam in as well as the bloodsicles and fruitsicles for enrichment, all our animals should be content and happy during the summer heat!

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