Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Break From the Rain!

We are finally getting a much needed break from all of the rain! Now that it is a little warmer and the sun is shining, we are able to do some much needed projects around the Sanctuary.

With all of the rain, the grass was getting a little out of control, but with the help of everyone here at the Sanctuary we are finally able to make everything look nice and clean cut.


With the summer months finally here, the heat has been catching up to everyone. Now that there is no rain, we were able to fix some of the pools for the cats to lounge in.

                  Big John enjoying his pool.

Maintenance is also required for empty habitats.                    

Rain has especially been a helpful friend to all the weeds growing in the habitats. Now that the weather is clear, we have been able to pick those pesky things from the ground never to grow again. (They have been growing a little too tall...)

These weeds are taller than the interns...

Goodbye weeds!

Three white tigers' habitat before weeds are pulled.

Three white tigers' habitat after weeds were pulled.
A project we are currently working on, is a cave for one of our resident bobcats, Pecos. Pecos spends most of the day in his house to avoid the heat, so we are building the cave to help keep him cooler in the summer.

Pecos enjoying his house.

Pecos' future cave!

Come on down to the sanctuary for a tour to see all of our exciting new improvements! (Let's hope the rain holds off until we need it again!)

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