Thursday, May 7, 2015

Interns: A Day in the Life

Welcome to the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary's blog! For something new, this blog is going to be focused more on IEAS interns, who we are, what we do, and any unique opportunities that happen here at the Sanctuary. If you would like to know a little more about those behind the blog, you can read all about us here.

During tours, a common question we get is what goes into a workday here at the sanctuary, so this week we thought it would be cool to give everyone a run down of what we do from start to finish. An intern's day starts bright and early around 5:30 or 6 AM in the nutrition center where we prep all the meat that gets fed to our cats that day. After that, we split up with the keepers and our morning feeding routine begins. The morning routine can vary and we rotate between cleaning the habitats and the houses the cats sleep in.

After the morning routine is over, we split up again to get our multiple morning jobs done. Two interns will go to pick up produce at Brookshire's in Bridgeport, Lowe's Marketplace in Boyd, and Dunn Produce right up the street from the sanctuary. Along with  our daily produce donations, we also receive donations from Walmart and Costco in Fort Worth twice a week. Once we bring the produce back we take it up to our produce fridge and sort it out into different crates. 

Other morning jobs that will also be done at this time include cleaning the nutrition center, taking the trash out, and taking care of the compost. After all the morning jobs are finished we can take lunch before we head back out for our afternoon projects. IEAS offers guided tours at 11 AM seven days a week. Depending on the number of tours we're giving that day, some girls will go down to the gift shop to lead the tours. After lunch and tours, our afternoon projects begin. Afternoon projects can vary from things such as prepping diets for the next day to gathering  maintenance equipment for habitats. After we're all done for the day, we have the opportunity to learn how to do a "drive through." A drive through is a safety check done twice a day by the keepers to ensure the grounds, habitats, and animals are all safe and secure. The very last thing that is done each day is pulling the meat from the freezer. The meat is placed in the nutrition center to thaw and be ready for tomorrow's diet prep.

Although everyday is tough and we work hard, the animals here make it all worthwhile.

(Can you guess who this beautiful girl is? Come take a tour and you can find out!)

Until next week - your IEAS Spring 2015 interns.

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