Thursday, May 21, 2015

Happy Birthday, Sajani!

If you follow us on Facebook, you'll know that Tuesday, May 19th, was Sajani's 17th birthday! Sajani is one of the many Bengal tigers (sixteen to be exact!) residing here at the sanctuary. She arrived here in August of 2011 after she was rescued from an Animal Orphanage in San Antonio. There the owners were more than $400,000 in debt and were eventually shut down. Luckily for her, despite the tough economical times at that point, Sajani was able to make the move to IEAS into her new forever home. She is now able to enjoy a natural, spacious habitat with pools, perches, enrichment toys, and her own house to protect her from storms and that nasty Texas heat.

Sajani is an extremely affectionate girl who loves attention from her keepers and visitors. We say that her habitat is perfectly suited for her personality because, being right next to the Ed Browne Nutritional Center, she is constantly in the middle of the hustle and bustle here at the Sanctuary.

She is also a tiger who really enjoys her seasonal enrichment items. These enrichment items can be items such as recycled Christmas trees in the winter, pumpkins in the Fall, and blood-cicles during the Summer.

Adoptive parents of the animals here provide a monthly donation in the name of their animal and, in return, receive the privilege to come "sit" with their animal escorted by an intern or keeper. This past Sunday, Sajani got a special visit from her adoptive parents to wish her a happy birthday! During their visit, we were told how "Sajani" means "beloved" in the Indian language, which is perfectly fitting for her!

Enjoy this video of Sajani with her Christmas tree from last year and join us in wishing her a happy 17th birthday!!

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