Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Bear That Started It All

Up until 2007, the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary was known as the International Exotic FELINE Sanctuary. The Sanctuary rescued only exotic cats. This was until we heard about Bill, an American Black bear.

Bill, a 600 pound bear, spent the first thirteen years of his precious life in a 4x9 foot cage on a concrete floor inside a barn. He was denied his instincts and the life he deserved. He never saw the sun or sky, never felt grass beneath his paws, and never knew compassion. Bill was, in all actuality, a prisoner. After over a decade in this setting, Bill and a number of other animals were confiscated by authorities and taken out of those deplorable conditions. Bill was then sent to the North Texas Humane Society until a home could be found for him. When IEAS heard about this special bear, we knew we needed to help.

Bill's First Tree Climb
When Bill was finally brought to IEAS, he wasn’t sure how to be a real bear. In his new home, Bill found 3,500 square feet of grass, trees, open sky, and fresh air. With a pool to cool off in, trees to climb, and quiet, private cave to sleep in, Bill found love, kindness, safety, and comfort, along with proper care. 

Since his arrival, Bill has truly flourished. After about a month, he made his first big "bear" step; he climbed a tree. His natural instincts have been nurtured and encouraged, resulting in a bear living as just that – a bear. There is nothing more gratifying to us than seeing Bill in his pool, walking in the grass, or lying on his perches in the sun, feeling the warmth that he had been denied for so many years.

Since Bill's rescue, IEFS became IEAS and has rescued 15 more bears, providing them with as wonderful and as natural a life as possible. With our ten acre Dorfman Bear Orphanage habitat and the Emotional Enrichment Program, the IEAS bears are some of the happiest, most secure bears you can find. We are so proud of how far Bill has come in the past six years, and we can't wait to continue to help this wonderful bear! 


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