Tuesday, February 26, 2013

More About Rio!

Most you have probably already heard that IEAS recently became the home to a beautiful ocelot named Rio. Well, we just wanted to let you all know that she's settling in well! 

Being that she only arrived less than one week ago, she still has some settling in to do. She's shy for now, but her appetite is great! So far, she has been coming out to eat at night, once everything has quieted down, and we imagine that she's also taking that time to explore her habitat. Soon enough, we're sure to see her poking out during the day as her confidence and comfort increase!

Rio's habitat has plenty to keep her occupied and enough environmental enrichment to make her feel right at home. Rio has plenty of high perches, ramps, and even a platform that encircles her entire habitat. There is a heated house for this warm weather loving girl, a fire hose hammock to lounge in, a large log to lay on and hide behind, plenty of grass to roll and relax in, and plenty of nooks and crannies for privacy! Rio also has several behavioral enrichment items such as toys and a hanging buoy to bat around.

As she settles in, we are taking the time to provide Rio with Emotional Enrichment to give her the confidence, security, and comfort she needs to thrive in her new home. We are eager for the steps she will take towards opening up to her new home. As always, it takes time for a new animal to adjust to the change, and we will allow her as much as she needs! For now, Rio won't be seen on IEAS tours as we don't want her to feel overwhelmed, but once she's up for it, visitors will walk right past her habitat and see this amazing endangered Texas native happy, content, and enjoying her life at IEAS!

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