Friday, October 7, 2011

The Transition into Fall!

Well, we can tell fall is coming! The leaves are falling and the pools are needing a good skimming all the time! The weather is certainly keeping us on our toes these past few weeks as the seasons change. We've been spotted layering up in the mornings but still sporting our tank tops and shorts in the hot afternoons. The cats and bears are ready for the cooler weather, as they are fully embracing any opportunities to be lounging on their favorite perches in the sun, with the cool breeze keeping them comfortable.

Many of our previous tour-goers can tell you that fall is a PERFECT time to come out and visit the IEAS animals. With the more manageable temperatures, the activity levels certainly increase! Now, that's not to say that some of the felines may be snoozing when your tour goes by (they do sleep up to 18 hours a day afterall - that's a lot of sleeping to squeeze in to one day!), but fall tours often find the big cats up and about, eager for a visit with friendly faces, and chuffing up a storm to say hi!

If you've been thinking about heading out for a tour, now is the time! Tours are offered every day at 11:00 AM and Saturdays at 3:00 PM also!

See you soon!

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