Sunday, October 23, 2011

FINALLY Photos of the 2 New Cubs!

Well, here they are!
Introducing the two
newest residents of IEAS!

The cougar cub has been settling in so well! He's very young and was very nervous upon his arrival. Using our Emotional Enrichment Program, staff members have been spending time with this little guy and he has come trust us so much more already! It will be some time before he is 100% comfortable but he is making huge strides. He eats, falls asleep, and
plays while we are there - all signs of comfort and trust! Speaking of eating, this little boy has quite the appetite and really enjoys his meals. He has been playing in his water, all over his hay, and with all of his new toys! Stay tuned for some more pictures (and hopefully videos)!

The bear cub is a bit more shy than
his cougar friend. He has been spending a lot of time in his hay filled house, relaxing and sleeping, but he definitely enjoys his toys and his habitat! He has been having lots of fun in his tubs and water troughs, sitting and splashing around in the cool water. He's been loving the fresh produce and peanuts that we've been feeding him - we keep finding his bowl completely empty and him ready for more! Once he is more comfortable with us, we will definitely have more photos and videos for all of you to enjoy!


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  1. That little cougar is adorable! Really glad he is getting adjusted so quickly. Kind of hard to make out the bear, but all cubs are cute, so I'm eager to meet them both. When can we find out the stories behind their rescue? So pleased IEAS will be their forever home. Also looking forward to learning their names.