Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Interns Have Arrived for the Summer!

Well, another session has begun and IEAS welcomes Beth, Jackie, Kristi, and Amanda as Animal Care Interns! The staff and new interns are all eager to see what the next three months will bring. There is a lot to learn here at the Sanctuary and the girls seem ready to take it all in! So far, they have begun to learn feeding and pick up routines, daily chores, and all about giving tours, but we think that meeting all of the AMAZING animals at IEAS has been their favorite part!

Are YOU interested in becoming an intern
at the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary?
Wondering what you can do to
better your chances of being selected?

Well, here are a few hints:

1. Work hard in school! Having a background in biology, animal science, wildlife ecology, zoo and aquarium science, or a related field can be SO helpful in working with animals and we certainly like to see someone who is willing to study hard and learn as much as they can!

2. Experience, experience, EXPERIENCE! Have a zoo nearby? Humane society? Wildlife rescue facility? Volunteer! Volunteering or taking part in other internships can be a great foot in the door when looking for animal care experience. IEAS loves to see someone who volunteers their time to learn from and take care of animals!

3. Most importantly, don't give up! The animal world can be very challenging to break in to. It gets frustrating at times to be part of such a competitive field but remember, hard work and perseverance will pay off in the end! Don't give up on your dream. There are plenty of animals out there that need taken care of. The right animal, the right place, and the right job will find YOU as long as you make yourself available!

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