Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cool Mist for Cool Cats!

We hope you are all settling into summer as well as we are! Our summer routines are in full swing, and we are ready to beat the heat – but the animals need YOUR help! Here at IEAS, we strive to provide many different ways for the animals to stay cool. The animals enjoy pools with waterfalls and vegetation that provides shade for areas of each habitat to give the animals a nice, cool spot to relax. Some animals, such as bears, cougars, bobcats, and lions, have caves that provide a private place away from the sun’s rays. We also have misters that provide a fine mist of cool water in the animals’ favorite places to hang out!

In the past, you, our supporters, have really stepped up when the animals of IEAS needed you the most. We have two mister pumps that each supply water to one half of the Sanctuary. While the pumps are only expected to last about five years, we purchased our original two pumps over ten years ago, and in 2009, your generosity and caring helped the Sanctuary raise enough money to replace one of these struggling systems. At the end of last summer, we began having problems with the second of our initial mister systems, and it has finally given up on us. We now have to buy a new pump to supply water to the second half of the Sanctuary. With your help, Lexus, a male lion, who truly adores lounging in front of the cool mist on his favorite perch, and many other animals will have a great way to stay comfortable and refreshed in the summer!

We are hoping to raise $2,500 to reach our goal. We must purchase a Rapid Cool Pump, which will cost almost $2,000. The additional money is allotted for the need to purchase more mister line, electrical supplies, and plumbing supplies that are required to complete our misting project. Remember, every dollar counts and will help us reach our goal. There is no donation too small!

You can donate through our website, by calling the Sanctuary at 940-433-5091, or send a check to P.O. Box 637, Boyd, TX 76023 . Just be sure to specify that your donation is towards the new mister system!

Stay updated on our progress on our Blog and our website,!

Thanks for all of your support!

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