Thursday, May 5, 2011

Titan Update!

Titan, the newest resident of IEAS, has moved into his permanent habitat! He has lush grass, a pool, a house, trees, perches, and plenty of toys to keep him occupied and happy. He seems to really be enjoying his new space. He has gotten the hang of our routine and gets excited when he sees the gator coming to feed in the morning. He has been in his pool and playing with toys already, although his favorite part of the habitat seems to be the the thick grass. He's made himself a few nice bed spots that he loves to lay in and loves to roll around in the greenery in the morning. We are so happy to have given Titan this space of his own, and we are so glad that he loves it so much!

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1 comment:

  1. Titan is a very fortunate tiger to have IEAS as his final destination!