Monday, May 16, 2011

HUGE Week for Tours!

Here at IEAS, we always expect a large number of school tours and love to show students around. It really is exciting to teach them about the animals living at IEAS and how to help their wild cousins. This week in particular is going to be a very busy week for the Sanctuary. With over 400 students visiting IEAS in the next few days, the cats and bears will see lots of friendly faces, eager to learn about them!

Conservation Education tours for students are a great way to get kids involved with animals and the environment. At IEAS, we have witnessed first hand how seeing a tiger lounging in the shade, laughing at bear cubs playing in a tree, and hearing lions roaring can truly connect a child to the animals. You wouldn't believe how wrapped up and intrigued the students visiting IEAS become after emotionally bonding with a playful leopard or curious grizzly bear. Seeing these connections is one of the MANY reasons IEAS loves to have school groups come out!

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  1. YES!! The tours are a wonderful, real-life opportunity for kids of any age to connect with and appreciate wildlife. Each of us needs to experience a kick-start to, or renewal of, our commitment to do what we can to protect and live peacefully with the creatures that inhabit this planet with us. WILDLIFE MATTERS!