Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring is a great time for...

...lots of visitors at IEAS!

Spring is the perfect time to visit the Sanctuary. Right now, we have the perfect weather for tours as many of the cats are out basking in the sun and enjoying the breeze before the Texas summers set in! We can promise that you'll see lots of happy cats and bears playing in their freshly grown grass. Khera, a Bengal tiger, loves to roll in her grass as the tour goes by! Scooter, Scamp, and Greta, three American black bears, have been known to put on a great show playing in their meadow as the tour passes.

Spring isn't good only for tours! If you've already visited IEAS and have fallen in love with a certain animal, spring is a great season to adopt a cat or bear and visit it often! The animals are very active in the spring and would love to make a new friend! To learn more about our Adopt-An-Animal Program, click the link below:

We hope to see you ALL out at IEAS soon!
The cats and bears of the Sanctuary will appreciate your friendship!

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