Friday, April 15, 2011

Peanut Party!

Every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday here at IEAS mean something exciting for Scooter, Greta, and Scamp - a Peanut Party! These three American black bears cubs have been working with Louis Dorfman, our Animal Behaviorist since they were only a few weeks old. Since then, they have spent quality time together, munching on peanuts.

While they are lots of fun for these bears, Peanut Parties are not just a snack or play time. These sessions allow Scooter, Greta, and Scamp to socialize, relax, and understand their caretakers, ensuring their comfort and trust in them.

Because of this comfort, these three rambunctious cubs have the reputation of always putting on a good show for tours! Often times, they follow the tour group around Bear Orphanage, playing, pouncing, and wrestling with each other. To see just how funny they can be, check out their wrestling match at the following link...

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