Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our Last Set of Trees!

Well, most of the Christmas tree have been squashed, chewed, thrown around, and destroyed to the point of no return but we had just a few left to pass out to the animals! Just like the ones before them, these trees proved to be a GREAT piece of enrichment for the cats.

This time around, we gave the littlest trees to the littlest cats! Our bobcats, servals, and caracal had a blast! Unlike their their larger neighbors, they didn't dive to tear apart the trees. Instead, they realized that these trees and their little bristly needles made a perfect place for rubbing! Tassers, one of our oldest bobcats, in addition to lots of rubbing, did LOTS of drooling all over the tree! Baby and Cookie, Tassers' neighbors, pushed their faces through the branches! It was just like they had little combs scratching through their fur! Billy, the caracal, and Barbara, a serval had been watching closely as Tassers got his tree and then had a chance for their own. They laid down right next to it and stayed put, rubbing until we left.

Shauna, a lioness, was one of the big cats who got a tree in our last round. She is known for being a bit of a goofball and her personality certainly showed when we gave her this tree! Shauna laid upside down on the tree, scratching her head all over it. She tried continuously to pull the branches up over her face to rub on them. Check out the video below to see how funny she was!

We hope you have enjoyed watching the cats and bears playing with the trees as much as we have! We couldn't have imagined the trees being a bigger hit! The residents of IEAS loved them! One final THANKS to Rainbow Plant Sales and all of our supporters!


  1. Shauna is a silly clown, but really cute!

  2. Great job with the new blog, Nissa!