Thursday, January 20, 2011

Say "cheese!"

Here at the Sanctuary, we know that many of our supporters don't have the chance to visit the animals often. We also know that many of you want the opportunity to stay updated on how the cats and bears are doing and what they are up to. Well, we are constantly taking pictures and videos of all of the animals so YOU can see just how wonderful they are! While we have lots of these photos and videos on our website (, we are taking additional steps to make it easy and fun for you to see what all the cats and bears are up to. We have created a flickr page, full of pictures (and videos soon!) that will constantly be added to. The pictures are separated into different sets so you can look at pictures of all of our lions, all of our bobcats, or all of our enrichment - all at once! So, go take a look and see what the cats and bears have been up to! Some of them seem to smile for the camera, like Papa here!

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