Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Interns Arrive at IEAS

The new interns have survived their first week at IEAS. We have girls from all over the U.S. that were chosen to participate in the Winter Internship. The girls from up North have brought the colder weather to Texas as the last few mornings have been near freezing. No matter how cold it is though, the girls have learned quite a bit during their first week at IEAS. Each of these interns have one goal in mind, to help care for exotic animals either through conservation education or zookeeping. IEAS is a good place to start to accomplish their goals. During the next three months, these interns will learn just what it takes to properly care for exotic feline and bears.

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  1. Hi, Jason . . . obviously you're not one of the girls from up North! So, you've made a good impression on Laxmi already? You have a way with those women!