Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday Season

The Holiday season is upon, and we would like for you to remember the animals of IEAS during this time. With Christmas just a week away, I am sure all of you have your decorations up and your Christmas trees decorated full of presents underneath. Well, we would like to give you a gift idea for the animals of IEAS. When you take your live tree down, instead of putting it out with the trash, bring it by the Sanctuary. Old live Christmas trees make for an entertaining enrichment item for the bears. The grizzly bears will enjoying playing with them and tearing them up, while the black bears may make a den or a brush pile to sleep in. Now don't forget about the felines enjoying the trees. Akbar, Arusha and Kumar enjoy playing with old pine trees as well and have taken branches into their pool to play with. Kim and Karen we know will love playing with the trees as well. So please, if you would like to donate your live tree, just call us for directions!

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