Monday, November 29, 2010

New Friends

Scooter, Scamp and Greta are now together enjoying their natural habitat! Scooter and Scamp acted as though they had been together for months. Greta was a little more apprehensive than Scooter. By the end of the day though, she warmed up to her new fiend. The other day, all three were playing in the meadow area together. They were tackling each other and rolling around in the long grass. Greta and Scooter have since been busy exploring their new home. I think they have climbed every tree in the area. They don’t just climbed the tree and hang out, but they are also scratching at the bark looking for bugs and eating what leaves are left on the trees. They are already exhibiting the natural behavior one would see in the wild. We know that these three bears will do great together, and we are so happy we could bring them together and give them the live they deserve. The kind of life where they can act like wild bears. We will be posting some new videos of Greta and Scooter on the website during the next week, so keep posted!

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  1. So pleased that Scooter and Greta are adapting well to the orphanage. Looking forward to the new videos.