Saturday, November 20, 2010

Greta and Scooter's Big Day

Greta and Scooter were moved to their new home to join Scamp in their own natural five-acre habitat. It was an exciting day for all involved. We were so happy to see these two youngsters enjoy their new home. With this kind of set up, they will be able to act like wild bears. With Scooter, not only did he have a happy childhood being raised and cared for by IEAS Staff, but now he will have a great adolescence and adulthood. Scooter and Greta were released into the holding area for the first few days to get adjusted to their new surroundings. This is when Scooter climbed his first tree. He did it with such confidence. He almost made it to the top, but instead, decided to come down and join Greta on the jungle gym. The first day, Scamp came over to check things out. Scooter, being the confident bear he is, went right over to the fence to check out his new roomy. The two got along great. They just sat there sniffing each other. Greta, on the other-hand, didn’t want anything to do with it. She found her spot on the jungle gym and settled in for a nap.


  1. Gosh, those two have grown so much since I was there back in September!! Greta appears to have a lot of 'rusty' color in her fur . . . is she going to turn out to be a cinnamon colored black bear?

  2. Sue,
    It think the color will fade once she sheds and will probably be coal black. Lucy does the same thing. She will have some rusty color to her coat but once she sheds she will get coal black. Who knows though.