Saturday, July 24, 2010

Scooter's Confidence

Scooter is becoming more confident by the day. He is now venturing out on his own to check out his surroundings. He usually stays in the section closest to his indoor area, but he loves to get on the perch and just watch the world go by. He even sat there and watched as the staff mowed the Sanctuary grounds. This morning while we were outside for his play time, he even walked over to where his new neighbor, Rowdy, is staying. They both just looked at each other for a few seconds before Scooter came running back over. So these are little things, but it just shows how confident this little boy has gotten in just the past few weeks.


  1. I've watched all of Scooter's videos and noticed that when he is climbing on the lap of a person, he/she does not touch the bear. Could you tell me why there is no contact initiated by the person? Thanks much. Sue Ann

  2. Sue Ann,

    Our Animal Behaviorist does initiate contact with Scooter. He is not in any of the videos at this time. The person in the videos is his assistant. She has found it better for her and Scooter not initiate contact while he is with her. She has found that when she initiates contact with Scooter he starts to play with her hand and his play eventually become rough, the way he would with a sibling. So she just allows him to sit on her lap just being there for comfort and support for Scooter. It was a personal decision on her part. We are glad you are following Scooter's progress. Thank you so much for your support!