Friday, July 30, 2010

Rowdy moves back to Bear Orphanage

Well, Scooter's neighbor, Rowdy has been nuetered and moved back down to his home in Bear Orphanage. While they were only neighbors for a short time, this was a good experience for Scooter. He was able to see another bear and it showed us how much confidence he has gotten since arriving. Scooter had fun watching as the staff cleaned and disinfected the area where Rowdy had been staying. He was extremely playful and vocal this morning. Once they were done cleaning, Scooter was allowed to have access to that area again and he seemed very happy to have another large area to explore. When the staff drove away after finishing their job, Scooter
sat by the fence and watched them leave. Then it
was off to playing in the water again!


  1. When will Scooter be ready to go to the orphanage?

  2. We hope that Scooter will be ready to move sometime in the late fall. By then he should be old enough and big enough to be moved.