Friday, March 11, 2016

New Arrivals!!

The whole group! The five new interns and the two continuing interns.
This past week five new interns have arrived at IEAS. These last few days have been very informative and exciting; by the end of the day we are exhausted but it is very rewarding to know all the animals here are being provided with the up-most care, resources, and respect they deserve. IEAS is their forever home and this was clear the first day we arrived. During our training period, two of us have been working with Christi in the upper section, one working with Ann in the middle section and two working alongside Christina in the lower section. After our work for the day is done, we enjoy meeting back at the house to share information, cute stories, and experiences we had that day. During one shift, we found out that Titan, the largest bengal tiger (Panthera tigris tigris) at IEAS, will not eat his piece of chicken if it touches the ground. Instead, the keeper will place the chicken near the fence and Titan will cup his paw and scoop it into his habitat to enjoy. How cute is that?!

Titan relaxing after enjoying his bone chicken
Another favorite story of ours is about another bengal tiger named Khera and her love for her pool. Khera doesn’t like to get her front paws wet, so when entering her pool she will back in while keeping her front paws outside the pool where they can stay nice and dry. We all enjoy giving tours to our enthusiastic guests and educating them about our beloved animals and their life histories. Being an intern at IEAS has been a great experience thus far and we cannot wait to learn more about the different sections, the Sanctuary, and personalities of these amazing animals.

Khera heading to cool off in her pool

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