Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Welcome Home!


We've recently adopted a few new members into the IEAS family!  We have been so excited to take in two six month old cubs, a male and female, and two more cubs that are a year and half old, also a male and female.

These youngsters are getting adjusted into their new habitats and loving their new scenery.  The six month old cubs can often be seen playing with their toys or splashing in their water trough!  Kimberly, one of our resident white Bengal tigers, is now neighbored by the young cubs.  She enjoys their company and will play with them through the fence and chuff back and forth with the cubs.

The older cubs have taken a liking to their pool with the warmer weather lingering.  These two will often be seen playing with one another or exploring their new large habitat.  These cubs are also very friendly to keepers and interns, chuffing back and forth and walking along the fence with the keepers and interns!

We hope you are as excited about the new residents as we are!  Please consider helping out these adorable cubs by donating here!  We can't wait to see how these cubs grow up!

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