Thursday, July 9, 2015

What Happens to Donated Produce?

Are you ever curious about where your donated produce goes?
Donated produce from Brookshire's

We get produce donations from Wal-Mart in Fort Worth, Costco in Fort Worth, Brookshire's in Bridgeport, Lowe's Marketplace in Boyd, Dunn's Marketplace in Aurora, and public donations from individuals just like you. We pick up the donated produce every day of the week.

IEAS interns pick up the donated produce from the generous businesses and load them into our handy red truck to transport back to the Sanctuary.

Intern loading produce at Lowe's Marketplace

 Once the produce is back at IEAS, the interns sort the produce into individual crates to store in our refrigerator.


Once all of the produce is sorted and stored, it is kept fresh for our upcoming diet preparations.

Our bear diets contain fruits, veggies, deli meat, and sweets! YUM!

Our bears are fed completely off of donated produce. We want to thank all of the donors for their thoughtful donations! Our bears want to say thank you too!

Pixie's favorite food is grapes!
This beautiful girl Meyote has quite the sweet tooth!

Lucky, our "Big Brother" of Bear Orphanage, loves avocados! 

Please come down and visit our bears in Bear Orphanage! They would love to meet you and thank you for all of your generous donations!                              

There are also other ways to help out the sanctuary:
  • You can adopt an animal! Cats are $100/month, Bears are $125/month, Cougars are $75/month, and our other animals are $50/month.
  • Check out our Wish List. We can use almost any item you can think of! All items large and small are greatly appreciated!
  • If you shop at either Tom Thumb, Kroger, or Albertsons, you can get a shopper's card that will donate a portion of what you spend directly to the sanctuary. Doesn't cost you any extra money!
  • To all you Amazon shoppers, shop using Amazon Smile! =) With each purchase through Amazon Smile, Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase to IEAS.

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