Sunday, August 17, 2014

Uh oh! The Grizzlies are at it again!

Well, the Grizzlies are at it again! Wendy, Willie, George, and Papa use their toys until they destroy them every time, and their most recent toy casualty was their plastic spool!

We're calling on you, our supporters, to see if anyone would like to donate a new one to these four awesome bears! This was one of their favorite toys, so we'd love to have it replaced ASAP!  

Here is a link to find the product we need. 
It'd be perfect if the toy was ordered by Friday!
Feel free to pick any color you want!! The bears aren't picky! :)

Our shipping addresses:

PO Box 637
Boyd, TX 76023
(for USPS)


3901 E. Highway 114
Boyd, TX 76023
(for FedEx and UPS)

We, and the bears, so appreciate your help!
We're confident that they can't wait to get 
their claws into a brand new toy!

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