Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Surprise in the Mail!

We got a wonderful surprise in the mail just a few days ago! Mrs. Cook's 5th grade classes from Boyd Intermediate School took it upon themselves to raise and donate $123 to the Sanctuary! 

They even included a booklet outlining their efforts:

"Why did we choose you? 
          We want to give you the money to help buy the equipment needed to care for the animals. We appreciate you taking your time to care for these animals.  
How We Chose You 
          All three of Mrs. Cook's classes researched different charities in Wise County last fall, and voted for the one we liked best. All three classes chose your organization so we could help raise money for your charity all year long. 
With The Money You Could 
          Food for the cats and bears, Water for them, New toys for all of them, New food and water bowls, New land 
We appreciate you! Thank you for helping wild animals. I'm sure if they could talk they would thank you so much.  
We hope you make their lives better by... 
          Making sure they have lots of food and water, Making sure their cages are clean, They can have new cages, toys, and new food and water bowls."

It was so heartwarming to receive this envelope full of cards and artwork from these wonderful kids. We are honored that they chose IEAS as the organization they wanted to raise money for, and we are sure that the animals would thank them if they could!  

A random selection of the notes we received:

Thank you SO much 
to Mrs. Cook's 5th graders! 

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