Monday, February 24, 2014

An Unexpected Donation

A few days ago, we were so fortunate as to meet 12 year old Reese Jackson when she stopped by the Sanctuary. Reese showed us quickly that she is a truly special young woman, and her generosity is unmatched by many her age. She saved up all of her holiday and birthday money and decided that she wanted to donate that money, totaling $550, to a good cause. Lucky for us, she chose to donate the savings to the animals living here at the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary. After making her donation, we were happy to take Reese around to visit the animals she helped. She even spent time with Odin, the Sanctuary's youngest lion!

We are so happy and thankful for Reese's altruism. It's rare to see such generosity in such a young person, and we are so grateful that the animals at IEAS will benefit from her kindness. Thank you SO much, Reese, for your incredible donation! 

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