Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Kids Getting Involved!

It's one of the most heartwarming things for us to see young children wanting to get involved and help the animals living here at the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary. From bringing mom or dad in to volunteer, asking about projects to do for IEAS, or raising money for the animals, we see lots of kids wanting to be a part of making these animals' lives as wonderful as possible.

Recently, we received a few letters from students Redwood Prep Charter School, expressing their reasoning for donating a portion of the funds they had raised by selling pizzas over the course of a year to IEAS. Adam stated, "We love what you guys do and we are going to give you a check so you guys can make the world a better place." Charlotte wrote that she and her friends "always want to help animals so I'm glad that you are."

It's amazing for us to see students with such a passion for helping animals and an understanding of what the animals at IEAS need and deserve. We thank them SO MUCH for their kind donations and wish them the best of luck with school and helping animals in the future! 

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