Monday, October 7, 2013

Meet Jenni - again!

Say "hello" to Jenni Swanson! You may recognize Jenni as a past intern of IEAS, but she recently returned to the Sanctuary as the first ever participant in our new Apprenticeship Program! Throughout her time here at IEAS, Jenni will be an Assistant Keeper and take on the responsibilities of a keeper. This will help her as she gains valuable experience that will aid her in getting a more permanent job at a reputable animal facility.

For now, as she just arrived a few days ago, Jenni is jumping right back into our operations and is brushing up on our safety and daily routines. She has even begun to take on new responsibilities, such as drive throughs (safety checks).

We are so happy to have Jenni back here at IEAS, and we can't wait to see how much the rest of her time at the Sanctuary teaches her!

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