Tuesday, July 16, 2013

More New Furry Faces at IEAS

The eleven bears who were just rescued from bear pits in North Carolina and brought to IEAS are not the only new faces at the Sanctuary! IEAS just became home to two other new residents, including a new species for the Sanctuary! We are now home to another white-nosed coatimundi (just like Mork and Mindy) and a ring tailed lemur! 

These two amazing animals found their way to IEAS after their owners were found to be without proper permits. They contacted the Sanctuary hoping to ensure that these ex-pets would be afforded the best care possible. We are so happy to have these new residents here, and they have already won us over and become part of the family.  We will be sure to keep you updated on how these two are settling in. You check out their pages on our website - click here to see the coati's page and here to see the lemur's! 

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