Sunday, June 23, 2013

Multi-colored Bears!

With this heat, winter is a distant memory, and we're watching as the IEAS bears shed their last bits of winter fur and turn a whole new shade of their former hue. The seasonal fur change of the bears is one of our favorite indicators of the new season. Right now, the bears are all in different stages of shedding. The largest bears, like Dakar, tend to shed their winter fur the fastest. Their large size aids in this process as it causes them to be "combed" by the brush that they tend walk through more than smaller bears, who brush by less as their move through their habitat.

Additionally, we provide the bears with Omega-3 Fish Oil in their diets, which promotes coat growth and health. This helps them in growing in their summer coats! In a few weeks, we are sure that all of the IEAS bears will be looking spectacular, but for now, we've got some multi-colored bear residents!

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