Sunday, April 21, 2013

Flat Stanley Visits IEAS!

If you have kids or know some, you may have heard of Flat Stanley. Flat Stanley, a book written by Jeff Brown, has become a very popular learning tool in schools. Years after the original book was written, The Flat Stanley Project began, encouraging students to create their own Flat Stanley and send him to friends, family, and others around the world. When Flat Stanley returns, he comes with photos and other tid-bits from his travels, immersing students in new places, cultures, and adventures. 

Recently, a Flat Stanley made it to IEAS all the way from Elizabeth, Pennsylvania. So far, he has had some awesome adventures and has met some truly incredible animals! Check out a few of his IEAS adventures...

Flat Stanley met Sajani, a Bengal tiger!

Stanley got to eat lunch with Rascal, an American black bear!

Flat Stanley even got a few sniffs from a friendly coati, Mork!
We can't wait to send Flat Stanley back to Pennsylvania, and we are so happy to take part in this educational project and experience for the students!


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