Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Show Your Sweetheart You Care!

 Valentine's Day is just around the corner! In lieu of the traditional box of chocolates, roses, or mushy greeting card, why not go with a present that's a little more....WILD!

There isn't much better than bonding with an incredible exotic animal. That's something that each of us here at IEAS can attest to, and we want you and your sweetheart to know what it's like! This year, for Valentine's Day, how about you Adopt an Animal for you and your loved one? In doing so, you will be able to visit with your chosen animal by spending time with them and your monthly adoption donation will directly contribute to your animal's life, ensuring their happiness, comfort, safety, and security. The animals really do come to know and love those parents who come see them. You wouldn't believe the bonds formed between dedicated Adoptive Parents and their chosen animals, so experience it for yourself! Click here for more info on adoptable animals and the adoption process!

Looking for something a little smaller, but just as awesome? How about an Animal Packet? The purchase of one of these packets allows for a one time visit with your sweetheart's chosen animal! It's truly incredible to share time and space with one of these regal animals, and it's a once in a lifetime experience that might be just the thing to show how much you care! Click here for more info on Animal Packets!

Remember, all donations are tax-deductible and 100% of the money from your purchase directly benefits the IEAS animals.

Valentine's Day is coming fast so don't delay! 

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