Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas with the Animals!

Here at IEAS, we are often asked about how we spend Christmas. Most people have the day off from work or school, and have few obligations other than visiting certain family members or cooking tons of food. Christmas is a little different for us here at IEAS. We don't get a day off, but rest assured, we have absolutely no problem with that.

The longer we work here at IEAS, the more these animals become a part of our family, and what better way is there to spend a holiday than surrounded by cherished loved ones, human or animal! With the understanding that these animals need, want, and deserve our attention and care 365 days a year, we more than happily get up before the sun on Christmas morning to prepare diets, provide fresh water, and wish our furry friends a "Merry Christmas," ensuring that they know how much we love them! Don't worry, we do still get to take part in all of the traditional holiday activities. Though they can't join us, we're sure to have our own holiday feast and gift exchange once we know that every member of our family is happy, healthy, full, and safe!

More than anything, the holidays are about appreciating the blessings we have, right? And in that case, spending the day surrounded by 61 furry blessings might just be the PERFECT way to spend Christmas. 

We wish you all a safe and happy time this holiday season.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 
from the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary! 

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