Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall at IEAS

Here at IEAS, we have more indicators that fall is on the way than just the weather, and the appearance of some of these clues has let us know that the seasons are definitely changing!

One of the first things we see is a change in appetite for the bears. When they know fall is on the way (which is usually before we can tell), the bears will start storing up for winter. Even the black bears here at IEAS will tuck away in the winter time to sleep, only popping out on occasion, so having lots of energy stored up helps them get comfortably through the chilly season when there food intake decreases dramatically.

Something else we've noticed is that as we clean the animals' pools, we are skimming more and more leaves out all the time! We've also been doing lots of raking to keep up with the leaves that are already starting to fall.

We've added hay to a number of the animals' houses already, and soon, we'll be adding hay to the rest! This means it is almost time to switch to our "winter schedule," during which we have slight changes to our pick-up and house cleaning routines.

Regardless of our routine changes, tours are always an option! Many of our previous tour guests can tell you that fall is a wonderful time to come out and take that tour you've been considering. With the cooler weather, more of the animals are out and about, no longer needing to find a shady spot to hide from the sun and heat. Often times, they'll be up and active, or lounging on their favorite perch in the sun!

We hope to see you at IEAS this fall!

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